Two Languages, One School

The benefits of learning a second language are virtually endless—understanding different cultures, increasing travel and career opportunities, and even sharpening cognitive skills are just a few. Learning a second language at a young age is also more likely to produce lifelong fluent speakers.

The Dual Language Institute fosters multicultural and multilingual education by providing academic instruction for core subjects—including math, social studies, art, music, and science—while facilitating competency in speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Spanish.

Curriculum is aligned with Common Core standards, and students have two teachers—one to speak to solely in English, and one to speak to solely in Spanish.

Teachers utilize various teaching methods to cater to all learning styles within the classroom, and to promote an inclusive, warm, harmonious environment. Instruction is given in the following formats:

  • Kindergarten: 90% Spanish, 10% English
  • First and Second Grades: 80% Spanish, 20% English
  • Third through Eighth Grades: 50% Spanish, 50% English

Students engage in independent, whole group, and small group learning, and all receive personalized attention from teachers. Students also participate in a number of fun activities—from field trips to assemblies, talent shows, and more. The program has established a warm, friendly small-community feel, in which all students are taught kindness, compassion, and tolerance.

Students attend class onsite Monday through Thursday, and work independently from home on Fridays.

Dual Language Staff

Mallory Wirth, Principal

Amy Bonifaz
Rosario Battles
Leslie De Casas
Salita Deceus
Anabel Grinnell
Jose Lopez
Isaac Magos
Susie Meredith
Angela Espinosa
Cecilia Perez
Alecia Elder-Gough
Maria Rodruguez
Cathie Liborio-Ortega
Juana Valentin

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